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sunday 23 june - Terrasse Agrippa - Geneva
ASSAFIR ensemble from Greece and its jewish communauties

sunday 3 november - Aula du collège Mme de Stael - Carouge

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Following the Festival of Jewish and Israeli Music held in September 1995 as part of the celebrations organized for the Year of Diversity by the City of Geneva (Switzerland), a group of musicians and music lovers of various backgrounds got together and, in 1996, founded The Friends of Jewish Music, a non-profit Association.

The Association's objective is to promote the wealth and breadth of Jewish music and to share this integral part of the Jewish people's daily life with a larger audience, and thus, through the music, to foster the discovery of an entire culture.

Jewish music embodies many strains:

Liturgical music: exclusively vocal and sung in synagogues, but also works modelled on the religious service and written for soloist, chorus and orchestra.

Paraliturgical music: poems, elegies (piyutim) set to music with instrumental accompaniment and played at public and community functions as well as in the family, and works of religious inspiration, hassidic songs and klezmer.

Secular and modern music, vocal and instrumental: popular songs, operettas, instrumental compositions, music for the theater, Israeli music...

In pursuance of its mission to promote knowledge about and familiarity with Jewish musical culture, the Association  organizes concerts, lectures and debates, exhibits and music workshops - occasionally in cooperation with other organizations.

The Association's hope is to become a platform for an encounter with this rich and varied culture, universally present yet so different, and, above all, so little known.

The public events organized by the A.M.J. Association are open to all. A.M.J. members are entitled to a discount on their entrance tickets. To join the A.M.J. Association, fill in the stub and send it to the Secretary.

The annual membership fee is CHF 50.- for an individual and CHF 80.- for a couple.


For information and contact :
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